Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How To Use Roller Blinds as Window Accents

Roller blinds are a cost-effective and one of the most practical alternatives to the conventional curtains. These blinds support an either very minimalist simple look, which is both, very clean and not stuffy. Roller blinds are most effective in rooms that you would like to keep as dark as possible at certain time of the day, without having to deal with layers of curtain fabrics. When you look in stores or browse the web you can find a wide variety for roller bind designs. You can find the classic white ones and the blackout rollers. The latter are so called because they can keep a space completely dark. There is a wide variety of roller blinds in the market today and they are available in interesting graphic prints. They can surely put some accent on your windows.

When you think of redecorating and getting roller blinds, make sure you do not only pick the right roller fabric design but should also make sure if the inside rollers blinds work for your interior. The outside mount rollers, as the term suggests, are hung on top outside the window frame. You could use just one roller blinds to cover two smaller kitchen windows. The inside mount roller blinds is installed within the window frame and makes the look of your wall even. This will work for window frames that have at least a 3 inch recess. You need this space to accommodate the pulley mechanism of your roller blinds. In case you wish to do the inside mount and realize that your blinds are a bit too long, it is no reason to panic. There are many do it yourself tutorials online that demonstrate easy instructions on how to trim your roller blinds to the right size.

Roller blinds also come in a variety of size and designs to meet the various needs of homes and offices. When you shop around for roller blinds that best suit your needs, visit several roller blinds web sites in the internet. If you have the time, you can also check them out in home furnishing stores. It can be an exciting task to explore the different styles and fabrics. Remember that roller blinds should make your room comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Another advantage with roller blinds is that they are easy to clean and maintain. You also have the choice of choosing one with a remote cord so that you can draw them up or down easily.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Use DIY Blinds to Add Charm To Your Home

DIY Blinds
How our homes look from the inside and out is determined by our windows and its treatment. This is why homeowners should take into careful consideration their window dressing if they want to have attractive homes. Here are a few tips in finding the perfect window dressings that will make your homes look elegant and inviting.

Most people find curtains a bit boring and conservative and believe that they are a thing of the past. Today, interior designers and architects recommend DIY blinds to accentuate your home's warmth. They could be installed in combination with decorative curtains . This makes the possibilities to become endless because there are many types of blinds available in the market.

For those who want a tropical motif and the more refreshing look, bamboo blinds will be the best choice. However, there are also many roller blinds that are designed in such a way that you will get the any look that you want. Available in a variety of colors and designs, roller blinds can be cheaper too.

Homeowners who want their homes to look ecologically friendly, the best blinds to purchase are the so called solar blinds because they provide protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These kinds of blinds can give your home a subtle look too. They are usually made from lightweight polyester fabric with holds tiny air pockets and used for blocking both the heat and the cold. The overall effect is in your room to have a neat and clean feel. For the child oriented home, the thick plain white roller blinds can give your home an elegant touch and they are hard to destroy so you can be sure that they are always in one piece.

It is, however, very fulfilling to add charm to your homes by installing the DIY blinds yourself. If you want to add to the simplicity of the Venetian blinds, a sophisticated rod and valance should be used instead of a light curtain pinned at the sides. Whatever you do, just try to be creative. By choosing the right DIY blinds for your windows and doors, you can surely achieve the perfect style that will fit to your specific theme. In selecting the right DIY blind for your home, you should open your creative mind and have some fun. And you can be sure your family and friends will appreciate your home better.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sunblock Blinds Keep The Summer Heat Away

The unpredictability of the weather could mean that we will be having a long summer this year so it is sensible to get ready for it. Most people believe that cranking up their air conditioners is the best solution but the main problem is that it is an expensive solution. If you do not want to use a lot of energy and be given a huge electricity bill, you should take a look at your windows especially the ones that allows a lot of heat from the sun. You can keep most of the sunshine out of your homes by considering ways to shade them effectively.

In many homes, windows are made from single or double panes of glass. If you have a triple-paned glass, then you have the most efficient type of window that provides enough barrier between the outside and the inside environment of your house. Most people are still using curtains but using sunblock blinds is actually the most efficient. This is because sunblock blinds add an extra layer of insulation that increases the energy efficiency of the window or door covered. These blinds will save you energy especially if they are mounted as close to the window as it is possible. This will not allow hot air to escape around the blinds and circulating into your room.

You see, sunblock blinds has proven to be very cost-effective and as such, it has become the most practical alternatives to conventional curtains. An added feature is that they can give your room that minimalist look. If you do not want your room to feel stuffy, you should refrain from using curtains for your windows. Also, sunblock blinds are very effective if you want to keep your room as dark as possible during the long summer days. Using layers of curtain fabrics can not shut out the light like sunblock blinds do. Home decor stores offer a wide variety for sunblock bind designs that can fit any taste. If you are one of those who like the classic white and blackout rollers, you will not have the problem of finding one that fits your home. There are also a lot of choices of sunblock blinds in interesting graphic prints to liven up your room without letting too much sun inside. These type of blinds are great to use as accent for your windows too. So get ready for the summer and discover the wonders of the sunblock blinds.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Here's A Brief History Of Venetian Blinds

venetian blinds
Venetian Blinds found its way into the European homes in the mid-1700s. It has been called by many names. It was persiana to the Italians, jalousie a la persienne to the French and Venetian Blinds to the English. Historical facts reveal that Venetian Blinds did not originate from Persia or Venice. Ancient Egyptians have been attributed as being the precursor of window blinds, using fixed horizontal slats. Sometime in the 1750s, an innovative French craftsman popularized the adjustable horizontal window blinds. The Venetian Blind was a welcome alternative to heavy draperies, which were heavier and more difficult to maintain.

Venetian Blind is a type of window covering characterized by horizontal slats, which are arranged one on top of the other. The slats partially block the glare from the sun, yet it allows enough light to enter the room. This type of window covering allows better ventilation, especially during the summer. The modern Venetian Blinds come with mechanisms to lift the blinds or to control the opening of the slats.

Plastic and aluminium are the most popular materials used for Venetian Blinds. These materials are lightweight and easy to clean. Venetian Blinds made out of plastic or aluminium are ideal to use in offices or commercial spaces. They are inexpensive, practical and sophisticated. Horizontal window blinds made of wood and bamboo are also popular. Interestingly, horizontal window blinds made of wood and bamboo do not fall under the general Venetian Blinds category. They are simply called wood blind and bamboo blind. Regardless of their nomenclature, these natural organic materials radiate warmth and comfort to any living spaces.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Why Sunscreen Blinds Are Best For The Room With A View

sunscreen blinds
Lakeside homes, house by the beach and dwelling places with a great mountain view are among the many structures that have lots of wide open spaces and big glass windows. Glass walls and wide glass windows offer a panoramic view of the outdoor landscape. But on a hot summer day, it can be too glaring to stare out of the window. Also, glass windows allow too much light and heat to enter the room, which can make a room uncomfortable to stay in. Constant exposure to the sunlight and heat can damage the furniture and speeds up the wear-and-tear of fabric upholstery. Every smart homeowner will not shun the view outdoors. And every smart homeowner would not opt to let their furniture be damaged.

With sunscreen blinds, homeowners can have their cake and eat it too. They can continue to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery from their glass windows or panels. How? By using sunscreen blinds. Sunscreen blinds are very closely related to blackout roller blind. The main difference is the ability of a sunscreen blinds to filter the glare without obstructing the view and destroying the interior design of your living space. Using sunscreen blinds can bring down electricity consumption by keeping the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Sunscreen blinds come in many colors and designs. Standard sizes can be bought from retail stores or home depot. Specialized designs and specification can be made-to-order straight from the manufacturers or window covering suppliers. Visit your nearest sunscreen blinds supplier.

Monday, December 9, 2013

What Are Roller Blinds And Why Its Awesome To Your Windows

roller blinds
Roller blinds is a generic term used for window shades that can be rolled up and down. The mechanism can range from a simple lift cord to an electric or battery operated remote control. This is a sleek, space-saver and practical alternative to traditional curtains. A typical roller blind is made of fabric – a characteristic that renders unlimited design options to customers. There are two types of roller blinds. One is the regular shade roller blind and the other is the blackout roller blind. A blackout roller blinds has coated rear side to block off the light.

Simple roller blinds for home use are easy to install and can be bought in home depots or window covering specialty stores. Commercial and corporate spaces that require professional installation may contact professional installers. Roller blinds manufacturers also offer consultation and installation services. Interior decorators also have their own favorite roller blinds suppliers and installers. It would be worthwhile to look around first before making a purchase.

Here are some useful tips for homeowners who plan to install roller blinds in their homes. First, get an accurate measurement of the windows or glass panels. This is to avoid unwanted extra expenses due to repair or replacement. Second, consider how a room is used in order to decide whether to use regular or blackout roller blinds. Third, choose fabric colors that match or coordinate with the color theme or design of the area. This is a perfect opportunity to express one’s creativity. There is a whole wide range of roller blinds fabric selections to suit every style, preference and budget.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Why Are Blockout Blinds Ideal For Interior Sunlight Protection?

blockout blinds
Blockout blinds are window coverings usually made of fabric. Typically, blackout blinds are roller blinds. It means that a full set of blackout blind come with a mechanism that enables the user to roll up and down the blinds. What makes blackout blinds different from the other window blinds? Blackout blinds are made especially to prevent the penetration of light through the fabric. Blackout blinds are a multifunctional window covering. It works to block off the light and keep a room cool during the summer. During the winter, it keeps a room warm and cozy by preventing heat to escape.

While it is good to let the sunshine in, in some moments of the day it is good to stay out of the glare from the sun. This is especially true if your room or any living area in your house gets the brunt of the midday sun. In this case, blackout blinds would make a perfect window covering. Blackout blinds are also ideal to use to keep privacy of glass paneled offices.

Blackout blinds come in many colors, designs and fabric choices. They allow maximum design flexibility without compromising function. Whatever your style and budget may be, blackout blinds offer unlimited options. Home interior stores or specialized shops for windows a range of standard size blackout blinds. For large windows or glass panels, customized blackout blinds are available to order. Most home interior shops and specialized window shops offer add-on services such as free measurement and estimate for made-to-order blinds.